Save Capitalism From S&P Futures Manipulation!

Weekend note... Save capitalism from the possibility of S&P Futures manipulation ($ES_F). Read this post at Zero Hedge and follow the instructions to notify the SEC so they can investigate the matter..
"Since FINRA and the Securities and Exchange Commission believe in going only after $1,000 insider traders with the full weight of their enforcement teams, yet ignore major market manipulation in futures and other markets, Zero Hedge wanted to present readers an opportunity to be heard by the market's regulators."

Lets heal the world people, we are the world.


  1. I was just at MOO's--He's piling up a big revolt too!
    Must be something brewing! Does this tank the stock market?

  2. SEC should investigate this issue either way, even if it's just some fund gunning ES for the hell of it. Market participants have been talking about this action for a while now and it is getting old.


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