Rep Alan Grayson Asks Fed Lawyer If They Are Buying S&P Futures, Equities

Fed Lawyer Scott Alvarez
This is interesting. Congressman Alan Grayson asked the Federal Reserve General Counsel Scott Alvarez if the Federal Reserve was manipulating the stock and futures market. Alvarez did mention that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses primary dealers (JP Morgan Chase as his example) to execute trades. Can they seriously buy S&P futures and SPY?

The mystery movie doesn't stop there. Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs (specializing in data-mining and equity market liquidity) was on BNN recently explaining that someone is juicing the S&P futures and he thinks it's the Government. Hat tip Zero Hedge. What the flip is going on here?

Read this article showing the S&P futures vs. SPY (S&P ETF) performance differential from September - December 2009: A Three-Month Flat Market? Yes...If You Exclude The Constant After Hours Manipulation (ZeroHedge)


  1. Haha. That first vid is great.

  2. first link is hillarious. Don't know if Alan Grayson has heard of the Plunge Protection Team.

    new link for clip #2

  3. The Sunset Limited would be an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s play in which Jones and Samuel L. Jackson would star as two men unexpectedly linked when one saves the other from being hit by a subway train.

  4. O they are. no question.


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