Peter Schiff in 2006 on Debt Ceiling, Housing and Gold, "If Things Were So Great We Wouldn't Be Raising Debt Ceiling" (CNBC/Bloomberg Videos)

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I like this line. "If things were so great we wouldn't be raising the debt ceiling", Peter Schiff on CNBC (2006). LOL. Congress raised the debt ceiling to $9 Trillion at that time and today they just raised it to $14 Trillion! Trim Tabs Biederman did not agree with anything he was saying. Schiff also made a decent gold call in the Bloomberg video. Seems like those who followed Peter Schiff's public views from 2006 are doing quite well being short housing and long gold on a 4 year time frame. So 4 minutes of free advice from Schiff, two $7 trades, some GLD puts and XHB calls as hedges (CBOE example) and you could have been up 100%+ in 4 years while sleeping at night. Not bad at all.  He runs Euro Pacific Capital.

GLD (Gold ETF) vs. XHB (Homebuilders ETF) from 2006

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