Bart Stupak Voting Yes On Health Care Bill, Could Pass Tonight [Video]

With the big health care vote tonight, I just read that Obama clinched Bart Stupak's (Michigan) health care vote today by signing an executive order banning federal funding of abortions. This could seal the deal. Futures will be interesting to watch tonight. Here is Bart Stupak today on Associated Press video.

Right now on CSPAN: "The House has passed by a vote of 224-206 the rule for general floor debate on health care legislation. There will be two hours of debate on the Senate and the reconciliation bill with final votes later tonight."

Watch the live stream at


  1. I don't trust Obama. Let's see: he rejected all European help in the first week for the Gulf. He promised us that Obamacare would not cost us.

    He lied about so much that with Care, and now his proposed Cap and Trade,supposedly Green energy solutions that he will whine about tonight, will have cost America, our own domestic resources.

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