Full Examiner Report of Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy, Repo-105

Here are links to the "Report of the Examiner in the Chapter 11 proceedings of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc." by Anton R. Valukas of the Jenner & Block law firm.  It looks like Lehman hid some assets look at Volume 3 - "Repo 105".  Zero Hedge blog has a detailed post on it and check out this Bloomberg story (JPMorgan, Citigroup Helped Cause Lehman Collapse, Report Says).  For Volume 6-9 Appendices visit http://lehmanreport.jenner.com/.

Volume 1 - Introduction, Executive Summary & Procedural Background; Risk
Volume 2 - Valuation; Survival
Volume 3 -  Repo 105
Volume 4 - Secured Lenders; Government
Volume 5 - Avoidance Actions; Barclays Transaction

Here's a look back at Lehman's last moments before bankruptcy during the weirdest time in financial history.

Lehman Disaster Sending Index Futures Lower, BAC Buys MER (September 14, 2008)
Lehman Brothers In Play, South Korean Bank Buy Out? (Option Analysis) (August 24, 2008)
Freddie Mac, Lehman hit in the Fannie Mae, Dow! (July 11, 2008)


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