US Graduation Rate Ranked 18, School Budgets Squeezed (NBC Videos)

NBC's Nightly News talked about the public finance and education crisis in the US.  "Four decades ago America had the best high school graduation rate in the world but by 2006 it had slipped to 18th out of 24 industrialized countries" (Brian Williams).  What the hell happened?  This is happening when school funding is scarce and schools are closing down.  Kansas City might shut down half their schools (700 jobs would be cut) and Illinois could cut school spending by 17% if they can't raise taxes.  Regarding those students who do graduate, James Altucher says don't send your kids to college, it's a scam (lol).  Watch the videos.

Also is college worth it?  James Altucher says don't send your kids to college, it's a scam.


  1. College is totally a scam. The worst part about it is it lures you into a mentality that you can get Bs, get high, get laid, and get by, but then you graduate and you're living in some kind of Orwellian wasteland.

    I chose English because it gave me the free time to pursue my own projects developing games. On that basis I have my job now, the degree was just a bib. Don't tell my dad that though. They did me a lot more good giving me four figures to start a real game production than they did spending five figures on college (I choose Virginia Tech, in-state, because I knew they were basically all the same, it seemed pretty good, and I wanted to save the money).


  3. If only there was a frat called Vanna Vomma Zomma I'd be into the "greek life".

    The use of the term "kids" is telling. It's like summer-camp.

    Also, I've consumed plenty of drugs/booze and "hooked up" - as they say - with a few dozen girls, so I'm not a conservative by any means, but the culture of gross abuse of brain cells and sexual self-respect encouraged in the system kind of sets people up to be materialistic dependends on the cash-money system. Get the degree, work in an office, do no save your money, rather invest it in an iPhone with related apps and an assortment of virtual goods in your favorite Facebook games. Then I'll get the money and invest it so I can give my kid some real assets one day instead of worthless paper.

    A degree is just another derivative.

  4. What the hell is the point of education (in this case business edu) if the end game is working for huge inefficient institutions with flawed business models that do more harm than good to yourself and economy? In my opinion the education model should be changed, it should be about improving/tweaking the corporate sector. Just imagine if you gave thousands for 18-22 year olds a backbone to create businesses that could compete directly with the corporate sector. What if colleges/universities funneled a portion of the money from parents/scholarships to start thousands of quasi student owned businesses (some survive/some fail) that could actually pay students that turn a profit, create a job for them after college. Just imagine the competition and this would make the corporate sector more efficient because these crazy pot heads are running circles around them. The college or university would provide all the capital assets and facilities. Also kids in high school would have an incentive to get motivated..

  5. I blame the training montage:

  6. This guy is an idiot! 5% interest rate over 50 years =2.8 million.

    2.8 million divided by 50 years = $56,000 annual salary.

    Average salary of college graduate =$60,000

    Do the math go to college.

  7. We have always been stalwarts when it comes to education innovation and reform but I believe the US school funding needs more government as well as industry-intervention especially in tertiary levels. It should be prioritized now more than ever if we want to keep up with the Asian educational system that is currently on its way to dominate our ranks.


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