Alan Greenspan Responds To Michael Burry's NYT Op-Ed, Peter Schiff Wants A Public Debate

Watch Alan Greenspan on ABC News (1st video) respond to Michael Burry's NYT Op-Ed (I Saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didn’t the Fed?). Michael Burry (a 1-man hedge fund) was first in on credit default swaps or insurance on sub-prime MBS (see the 60 Minutes story).

ALAN GREENSPAN, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, proclaimed last month that no one could have predicted the housing bubble. “Everybody missed it,” he said, “academia, the Federal Reserve, all regulators.” But that is not how I remember it. [read at NYT]

Peter Schiff, who also called the housing crisis, responded to Greenspan in the 2nd video and challenged him to a public debate. I'd like to see that.


  1. A man in Greenspan's position should have wisely and actively explored opinions different from his own. It is pretty clear now that he instead sought comfort with like minds.

    He reminds me of a kid with a chemistry kit that accidentally burned the house down and then says "gee whiz, I sure didn't know mixing all those vials together was a bad idea"

  2. not sure where the ABC video went :(

  3. It probably disappeared because Greenspan did not want a running script of what a poor job he did.


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