SecondMarket CEO Barry Silbert Interview Video at "Rising Stars" Executive Council Event

Could this mark the end to non-transparent OTC transactions on Wall Street?  SecondMarket is a global platform for trading illiquid assets.  The auction-rate securities freeze in 2008 put them on the map, CEO Barry Silbert he said.  You can trade just about anything, from private company stock, LLP interests, mortgage back securities to collateralized debt obligations.  Below Barry Silbert spoke with Walter Kiechel at the "Rising Stars" Executive Council event in New York.  I just signed up and see RMBS and CDOs for sale!  I don't see any CDS (credit default swaps) available though.  There should be an insurance subsidiary....

"As the marketplace for illiquid assets, SecondMarket's mission is to not only provide sellers with increased liquidity and qualified buyers with unique investment opportunities, but also to keep them informed on public issues regarding illiquid assets."


  1. I saw that, pretty rad. As soon as I get some employee stock options issued to me I'm going to pass off a fraction of them through this platform to get some margin-able funds.

  2. I swear I had the same idea for a public "private equity" exchange back in 2006, at the same time all these private equity firms had publicly traded BDIs (Business Development Companies). I'm wondering how good the company/3rd party information is though, if decent then secondmarket analysts could pop up in some way. I could start a DV subsidiary blogging about LP interests for sale. Hell yeah!


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