Interesting Options Action: SLV, EEM, PG, USO, VIX, XHB (4/13/2010)

$PG (Procter & Gamble), 15,800 May $65 Calls (closed at $63) - OptionsInsider
$USO (Oil ETF), 2,000 July $43-48 Call spread (closed at $40.89) - OptionsInsider
$EEM (Emerging Markets ETF), 50,000 May $43-$40 Put spread (closed at 43.34) - CrimsonMind
$XHB (Homebuilders ETF), 5,000 June $18 straddle (appears) (closed at 17.76) -  CrimsonMind
$VIX (Volatility Index), 5K x 7.5K May $20-$26 Call spread (closed at 16.20) - OptionMonsterTV
$SLV (Silver ETF), 16,711 July $16 Put (20,800 total with 5,619 open) (closed at $17.84) hedge?

(Courtesy of, saw on widget)

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  1. Sounds like somone covering a lot of puts they wrote when SLV was consolidated around 16, otherwise the OI would be a lot higher, no?

    Usually massive put buying isn't a signal that something fishy is happening, usually its the sellers who win, only once in a while do you get someone buying deep OTM puts on say, Bear Sterns, and it presages the assassination of that particular market.

  2. I'd like to see a study of how often these major spikes in options activity preceeded a major move. Do you have any tools for that kind of stuff, like on Quantitative Edges?

  3. Is open interest updated in real-time at If that's the case you are right open interest was cut (bought-to-close) by 16,719 to 5,619 in real-time. It showed on the chain at that in total 20,800 contracts traded total with 5,619 open. On the widget yesterday SLV was the most active ISEE ratio under puts which I believe are customers buying-to-open ( I thought it could've been a buy-to-open hedge on an underlying position. Someone also bought 17,000 puts on the July $17 Put on April 12 married to shares

  4. That would be interesting, no I don't have tools for that. I will soon acquire a Bloomberg Lite or the new Reuters Machine though

  5. Looks sick, love good data tools.


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