Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Klarman Sees Another Lost Decade, The Most Important Distressed Volatility Link Fest Ever (5/22/2010)

Taking over the linking game one "< a href >" at a time...

Australia: door open on changing mining super tax - France24
Added: UPDATE 5-Australia tax threatens $15 bln in projects - Fortescue - Reuters
Mining tax putting Chinese investment 'on hold' - ABC Australia
Investors Fleeing Australia Due to Mining Tax: Fortescue - ABC
Proposed tax regime forces Oz Minerals to shelve Western Copper - Australian
Breaking out the Ginsu 2000 on the LIBOR Curves - Professor Pinch
Libor Shows Strain, Sales Dwindle, Spreads Soar: Credit Markets - Bloomberg
*Arbing Spot And Forward Curve Steepness - Zero Hedge
Nouriel Roubini: Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place - CNBC
Roubini Says U.S. May Face Bond Market ‘Vigilantes’ - Bloomberg
Copper Heads for 6th Weekly Loss on Europe Concern: LME Preview - BusinessWeek
David Einhorn sees inflation on rise, gold as currency - MarketWatch
Greenlight Capital gold offerings attract more than $130 million - MarketWatch
Australia tax would raise prices--Gold Fields CEO - Reuters
Seth Klarman: Baupost may consider returning money to investors - Reuters
Baupost's Klarman sees poor outlook for stocks - Reuters
Legendary Investor (Seth Klarman) Is More Worried Than Ever - WSJ
Highbridge, Fortress, York cutting risk after German move, BaFin - MarketWatch
US Rail Traffic Up Over 2009, Not 2008 - Weekly Railfax Report
Prime loan delinquencies and foreclosures at new high (MBA) - Pragmatic Capitalism
Fitch: U.S. Prime Auto Loan ABS Improve to Pre-Crisis 2007 Levels - EarthTimes
Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian on CNBC Talking Housing and Market
Special report on Water - Economist
Where to Find Safe Muni Bonds - Barron's
Kass: Fear Is the Rational Buyer's Friend -
Hugh Hendry Shorts China, Betting on 1920s Japan-Like Crash - BusinessWeek
Oaktree Capital's Howard Marks Is Cautious - Market Folly
Copper thieves slow French high-speed trains - AP
Gold Priced in Euros Has Gone Parabolic (Charts) - Infectious Greed
Niall Ferguson at Peterson Institute last week, Fiscal Crises - Infectious Greed (Video)
Billionaire Goes All-In on Gold, Tigris Financial/Howard Kaplan - WSJ
Johnson Controls makes surprise Visteon bid - Reuters
Detroit City Council cuts additional $31.8 million from proposed 2011 budget - Freep
Chrysler adds 1,100 jobs at Detroit Jeep plant - AP
EUR Shorts Decline (Slightly), GBP Spec Shorts Hit All Time Record - Zero Hedge
Bank of Spain bails out savings bank - MSNBC
*Bank of Spain seizes control of savings bank CajaSur, needs 500 million Euros - MarketWatch
1-Year CDS for California, Michigan and Illinois Widen - CreditWritedowns (5/14)
‘Nervous’ Wall Street Waits for Congress to Kill Swaps Limit - Bloomberg
Bank of Japan's Shirakawa Sees Europe Turmoil Persisting, Backs ECB Bond Buying - Bloomberg
Economic Policy: 32 States Bankrupt: $37.8 Billion Borrowed From Treasury... - Zero Hedge
US Commercial Property Prices Down 0.5% in March - ResearchRecap
Weekly Petroleum Data for the Week Ending May 14, 2010, Crude Oil Stocks +0.2% -
Dow Theory’s Richard Russell: Get Out Of Stocks Now, Bad Surprise Ahead - BusinessInsider
Mortgage Purchase Applications Plummet While Refinance Applications Increase - MBA
Jim Cramer and Dennis Gartman on Gold - DistressedVolatility
John Paulson and Whitney Tilson on Housing - DistressedVolatility
Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’, 7 of 9 are Losers - Bloomberg


  1. Hendry makes his move! I'd like to know precisely what options he bought.

  2. Ha is China the risk 1.5% for 75% trade?

  3. No that was the Euro CDS he was betting on. I think he's moving on to the Orient now. Guy is fucking brilliant. CDS gives you the upside of a put but you only have to pay an installment on the premium. It's the best instrument for a speculator right now, that is, for those who can access that market.

    Why don't you DJ a little EEM/SPY ratio analysis for us Mr. DVol!

  4. Yeah, I think put options are cool and all, but I think it's bullshit I can't see CDS in optionsxpress. These billion dollar institutions can't lose with this hidden market. If bringing CDS to the open market raises the cost of these things, well sorry, it's BS.

    Hahaha Yeah I keep putting the DJ Ratio session off because I keep posting head to head videos. I started a currency etf/gld ratio comp but didn't finish it, I have to redo the charts. I'll also check out EEM/SPY. Oh I see there's a cash4gold commercial on right now.....

  5. I think CME lets you trade a futures contract and an index. But since it's event-based your edge really comes from analyzing fundamentals on certain bond issues and picking the ones just counting down to default.

    Hey look at this:

    I might want to get in on that shit before premiums go way up. With the VIX higher than a bird on meth, I can imagine punks like us flooding into the long-side.

    Added DISQUIS.

  6. hey if interested


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