Roubini Sees 20% Downside, Be In Cash or German Short-Term Debt (CNBC Video 5/20/2010)

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Last week Nouriel Roubini (NYU Professor/Roubini Global Economics) was on CNBC.  Here are key points he made from the video below (5/20/2010).

* Euro-zone, Japan and US could see double dip recession (For US: inventory adjustment ends, fiscal drag)
* China has elements of economic slowdown (inflation, PMI weak, credit tightening)
* There is financial regulatory reform, Government intervention risk (taxes)
* Market could fall 20% from here
* Euro weakness will continue and demand for commodities will fall, prices lower
* Stay in cash, buy short term Government bonds in fiscally sound countries (Germany, Canada)

Courtesy of CNBC

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