Live BP Video of "Deepwater Horizon" Well Oil Spill

Watch oil leak from that busted Deepwater Horizon oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. It's a live stream by BP. For more information on the leak go to  I also embedded a video with oil spill forecasts updated by WKRG (Mobile/Pensacola).

If the live stream doesn't show up go to, they have the live oil spill cam or visit BP. News

Photo update June 3, 2010 after pipe cut

Early photo of spill

h/t @rossgreenspan for the alert, #oilspill


  1. You should watch this video clip to get the real BP position on this spill, and all spills and tragedies they are responsible for. BP is typical of powerful corporations who prey on the weaklings in Congress who make the laws that support this type of corporate weasels.

    In the words of BP, “It’s not my fault.”


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