First Gold ATM in Abu-Dhabi, Chinese Love Gold Over Currencies, Soros Warns Gold Bubble Forming

Gold ATMs are coming.  German entrepreneur Thomas Geissler unveiled the first Gold ATM machine (Gold to go) in an Abu-Dhabi hotel.  They sell gold bars and coins weighing 1-gram to 1-ounce.  They provide franchise opportunities if you're interested!  According to the website, the first 200 Gold to go ATM machines will be in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The second video (h/t @howardlindzon) showed Chinese consumers giddy about gold.  The video also mentioned that hedge fund manager George Soros thinks gold is in a bubble.  Remember when Soros said "the ultimate asset bubble is gold" at the 2010 Davos conference?  So when will the Fed prick the gold bubble?  See recent posts on $GLD (Gold ETF) with charts and technical analysis.  The first video is from ITNnews.

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  1. I'd love to experience this Gold Atm in Abu Dhabi. This is indeed a great idea by Arabs. They must be very rich to come up with this brilliant concept. I love Golds, and I will surely try this when I go on trip to Abu Dhabi.

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  2. This is amazing. This just proves how popular gold investment is. Dubai is one of the world's gold producers.

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