ETFs Trading Below 200DMA: SPY, DIA, QQQQ, IYT, IWM - Not IYR! (Charts)

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This is an update from my post on June 24. On that day, $IYR, $QQQQ, $DIA, $IYT, $IWM, $FXI and $XLK closed above or at their 200DMAs while $SPY, $XLF, $XLV, $XHB, $ITB, $SSEC did not. Six days later, IYR is the only ETF in the sample trading above the 200 day moving average! Who would've thought. I bet it tests it though. The red line is the 200DMA in the charts (courtesy of


DIA (Dow Industrials ETF)

QQQQ (Nasdaq)

IYT (Transports)

IWM (Small Caps)

$SSEC (Shanghai Composite)

XLK (tech)

Not IYR (real estate, REITs)

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