Charles Nenner's Cycles See Dow 5,000, Gold 2,500 in Few Years (Deflation, Military Conflict)

Charles Nenner, a market timer who studies cycles at the Charles Nenner Research Center, was on Bloomberg TV today and here's a summary of what he said:
  1. We are following Japan (deflation) worldwide
  2. Not much more the Fed can do
  3. Gold is risky in the short term, but sees it hitting $2,500 on a cycle of "major military conflict" starting in 2012-2013.
  4. Sees Dow hitting 5,000 in the next few years
Nenner did market timing models for Goldman Sachs for 12 years. All algorithms! I embedded the video below.

Source: BloombergTV


  1. The whole damn Financial World is filled with nuts like this,this guy probably doesn't remember where he parked his car 10 minutes ago!Worked for Goldman and Sachs for 12 years,he should be doing this interview from jail!

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  3. Without QE2, Operation Twist, Fed dollar swaps to European banks and LTRO's by the ECB and ECB expanding its balance sheet (printing 3 trillion EUROS) the DOW would be 5000 right now. But the central banks propped up the system.


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