UBS's Art Cashin: Summer Rally May Be Topping, Sees Payroll Deflation

Catching up from last week. Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS, was on CNBC last week saying the summer rally may be over, with perhaps another melt up. He was also interviewed on King World News giving his perspective on the US Economy, unemployment, payroll deflation and GDP growth (downgrades to 1.5%).


  1. What if the elbow should interfere with the neck action during the head and shoulders topo?  Or, if the thigh bone becomes disconnected with the hip bone, or if the glutoness matter in the buttocks should shatter during this market action, would the market have a chance to re-assess whether or not the middle finger should suddenly exert itself, and protude in a vertical manner thereby giving this bullshit from Cashin the opposite of thumbs up?


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