Karl Denninger on Dylan Ratigan Show Talking Foreclosure Fraud, State AGs Across the Country Lash Out at Banks

Dylan Ratigan spoke with Karl Denninger, author of Market-Ticker.org, on his show about the foreclosure mess going on. If you didn't know, State Attorney Generals all across the country are accusing banks of fraudulently foreclosing on properties. I embedded the MSNBC video below and linked to various articles.

Flawed Foreclosure Documents Thwart Home Sales - New York Times
Man Who Had No Mortgage Faced Foreclosure Anyway: Ann Woolner - BusinessWeek
23 States Halt Foreclosure As Officials Review Bank Practices (Robo-signers) - ABC News
North Carolina Attorney General Cooper Wants Answers on NC Foreclosures - North Carolina DoJ
Ohio Attorney General Cordray Suspects `Thousands' of Fraudulent Foreclosures: Video - Bloomberg
Officials call for halting some Mich. foreclosures - Associated Press
Texas Attorney General Abbott calls for suspension of foreclosures - Statesman
Blumenthal Investigating Defective GMAC/Ally Foreclosure Docs, Demands Halt To Its CT Foreclosures - ConnecticutAG
JPMorgan Admits: One Employee Signed Thousands Of Foreclosures w/out Reading Them - Business Insider


  1. There are many issues that we need to deal with foreclosures.. It has been the talked of the town most of the time.. But i'm really hoping that we can have those issues resolved in time so we get better as day goes by..


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