Jim Rogers Interview in Oxford, UK on QE2, Commodities and Bernanke

Watch this Jim Rogers interview in Oxford (UK) with a decent Grandfather Clock in the background (BloombergTV Media link with Stephen Morris). He gave his outlook on commodities and QE2. Nothing new here if you've been listening to him on Distressed Volatility during the past 2 years. Did you take his advice (or opinion) to own silver on June 22, 2010? $SLV was at $18.26 and today it closed at $26.20 (+43.4%). He expects the commodity bull market to continue for several years based on supply/demand and currency debasement. He favors the most depressed commodities.

Also read about the speech he made at Oxford University: Bernanke ‘Doesn’t Understand’ Economics, Rogers Says  (Bloomberg.com) and it looks like economist Paul Krugman had something to say about Rogers and QE2 on his blog.


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