Watch 'Inside Job' by Charles Ferguson, Full Video (Must See!)

Inside Job, a documentary film directed by Charles Ferguson on the 2008 global financial meltdown, is now available to watch online for free. I embedded it below via (with embed code). Hat tip to Zero Hedge and Open Culture. I saw Inside Job when it was in theaters; it is a must see if you care about the economy and financial markets.

The DVD is available on Amazon. Charles Ferguson won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at the 2011 Academy Awards. Watch his acceptance speech here. He was also interviewed by Charlie Rose, Deal Book (Andrew Ross Sorkin), PBS (Tavis Smiley), INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking) and France24 (2010 Cannes Film Festival).*Update: The video was down the last time I checked. Perhaps it is still at in a different location. I still recommend you see the movie.

Source: (with embed code). Visit if the video is down.


  1.                President
    Obama the slave of Wall Street. Why?



    Put simply bad debts where sold as triple A investments when people who
    sold them knew they were bad debts. They insured themselves against any loss.
    Paid by the borrower, and they pocketed all the money paid out by the insurance
    companies for the subsequent losses.

    This is the biggest scam in the history of the world.

    No one has been brought to Justice for this their punishment was to be
    rewarded with tax payers money and massive bonuses.


    An estimate is that these Bankers spent over 10% of their considerable
    incomes on vice including drugs and prostitution and this was all paid for by
    their companies on company credit cards and I think if the serious crime squads
    worldwide seek the truth we can still get some justice from these crooks
    remember it was tax evasion that brought down Al Capone.



    President Obama came to power promising to bring these villains to
    justice so far he has just reappointed the people who were in financial power
    under Bush and it is just more of the same.


    President Obama has become the slave of Wall Street. Why?



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