Trader Predicts Euro, Stock Markets Will Crash; Savings Will Vanish In Next 12 Months (OMFG)

Source: Youtube
In doom and gloom news, this BBC video clip went viral today. In a somewhat convincing way, Alessio Rastani, an independent trader who runs, told BBC that he thinks the euro zone rescue plan will fail, the euro and big stock markets will crash, and "in less than 12 months, savings for millions of people is going to vanish." Why? Because governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world, and Goldman Sachs does not care about this rescue package. Whoa...



  1. Finally……This is the first realist confession I hear in this finanaicl mess.
    Alessio Rastani is abosolutely CORRECT……the world is NOT ruled by governments….
    It is ruled by bankers……yes bankers…..those people behind the scene….have you had about “THE NEW WORLD ORDER”?  it’s time to wake up people……there are people out there printing money from nothing….lending to you…..and ask it back with interest…….the world is changing in a way that we will all be DEBTORS…….yes…..debts….debts…..and debts……they will control you life step by step….how you spend…..what to do…..and so on….and remember……the money you have with you, in your bank account is not yousr…….is theirs…..the bankers behind the new world order……those people who rule the world…..and sadly nobody realised that……too busy with the bloody facebook…..

  2. I'm sure some people will discount what Alessio Rastani says and write him off as some kook... of course those are the ones who cannot begin to fathom the debt on the books via CDFs, derivatives, national debt/deficits, etc., and what a mess the world is in.  Of course if I were a bankster and wanted more profit/power I couldn't have orchestrated this any better myself... getting people to believe it was all the fault of the 2008 crash which is promoted as some sort of accident when it was all carefully planned and propagandized differently is the key here.  Actions speak louder than words... John Telefono Smith is correct, a new world order is upon us, and the majority of people are clueless about how much has been stolen from them, their kids, grandchildren and so on... the greatest white collar crime of all time has taken place right in front of us all and with each successive step, it only gets worse. "Our currency should provide a reliable store of value—it should be
    guided by the rule of law, not the rule of men," Mr Ryan informed Mr
    Bernanke. "There is nothing more insidious that a country can do to its
    citizens than debase its currency".  Just keep watching Dancing with the Stars and the rest of the TV pablum... spending time on face-book, etc., but when the axe falls be prepared to take accountability for your lack of participation... you can blame our "leadership" all you like but they are bought and paid for by corporations/special interests who promote hedonism unchained in order to bribe their way to the top of pyramid... self-interest rules the day, it's just more blatant now than in the past.  When the wolves are guarding the hen house the end result is quite predictable for anyone with 1/2 a brain.

  3. This is one man's opinion and in my view, complete nonsense.


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