SPY at Levels Not Seen Since January, GLD Near December 2011 Low

Below are charts of GLD and SPY. SPY made a new multi-month low today at 133.78, a level not seen since January. GLD, currently trading at 150.59, continues to sell off and is approaching the 12/29/2011 low of 148.27. I've been watching GLD and GLD/SPY since March 1, and they are starting to look interesting again. I'll continue to post on this.

SPY (SPDRs S&P 500 Trust ETF)

GLD (SPDR Gold Trust ETF)

charts courtesy of freestockcharts.com


  1. essentially what happened here was S&P broke down and GLD bounced off support, which bounced the GLD/SPY ratio. I missed doing a timely post on the ratio. Next time...

  2. Chart of GLD:SPY showing the trend break. It is now testing the March 1 low. I'm going to revisit this.


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