Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Market Outlooks

  • Ray Dalio (Bridgewater Associates): The US Economy Is Facing A Rare Set Of Circumstances That Will Be Bad For Markets (Business Insider)
  • Q&A: Goldman's Jan Hatzius Explains The World's Most Important Chart, And His Big Call For The US Economy (Business Insider)
  • Analyst Predictions: Here's Where The Stock Market Is Heading In 2013 (Business Insider)
  • Goldman Sachs Is Predicting A Major Economic Turn To Happen In 2013 (Business Insider)
  • Deutsche Bank: Are Equity Yields A Screaming Buy - Or Reversion To Reality? (Zero Hedge)
  • Goldman's David Kostin: S&P Hits 1575 In 2013, P/E Multiples Expand, Equities Outperform Bonds, High Yield Bonds Look Attractive (CNBC)
  • S&P 500 Will Drop 1.8% to 1,390 in 2013, Wells Fargo Says (Bloomberg)
  • Societe Generale Strategist Albert Edwards: Markets Fear ‘Profits Cliff,’ Not ‘Fiscal Cliff’ (CNBC, 11/14/2012)
  • Albert Edwards: US Companies Are Repeating The Destructive Leveraging Practices That Led To The Financial Crisis (issuing debt to buyback stock) (Business Insider, 11/21/2012)
  • Jeff Gundlach's December Webcast on Markets and the Economy (Business Insider)
  • Gundlach: Further REIT Dividend Cuts ‘Almost Certain’ (Barrons)
  • 3 Charts Show That Wall Street Is Unbelievably Optimistic About Profit Margins (Business Insider)
    • Secular Bear Markets - Volatility Without Return (HussmanFunds)
    • Tom DeMark Sees China Index Rally as Bears Exhausted Below 1,960, Target is 2,900 on Shanghai Composite (Bloomberg)
    • Morgan Stanley Makes Its 2013 Market Call, Three Big Ideas For American Investors (Business Insider)
    • JPMorgan's 2013 Market Outlook via Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Thomas Lee (More Bullish On Second Half) (CNBC)
    • JPMorgan's Tom Lee: Stocks Will Go Down Before Going Up In 2013 (Business Insider)
    • JPMorgan's 2013 Fixed Income Outlook: Stick With Credit, MBS; 10Y Tsy Seen at 1.8% (Barrons)
    • Barclays' 2013 Market Outlook via Chief U.S. Equity Strategist Barry Knapp (CNBC)
    • Barry Knapp: Stocks Will Slump, Then Finish 2013 Strong (WSJ Market Beat)
    • 2013 Investment Outlook - BlackRock "Slow Turn Ahead" (BlackRock)
    • Russell Investments' 2013 Annual Global Outlook (
      • The 2013 Equity Outlook: Modest Appreciation Expected, with Upside Surprise Potential (S&P Capital IQ)
        • Albert Edwards: The Fiscal Cliff And Hurricane Sandy Are Smokescreens For America's Economic Problems (Business Insider)
          • "Pondering Fixed Income in 2013" - talks about USTs, mREITs, and high yield bonds vs. leveraged loans (Economic Musings)
          • Investors Face Big Risk Over Interest Rates: Lloyd Blankfein (CNBC NetNet)
          • Banks Split on 2013 FX Outlook (WSJ)
          • Danske Bank's Global Economic Outlook: The Tide is Turning (Danske Bank)
          • Elliott's Paul Singer Reveals The Thing That Scares Him Most (Zero Hedge)
          • Kyle Bass's November 15, 2012 Investment Letter on the Yen, JGBs, Subprime MBS, Global Debt/GDP... (Zero Hedge)
          • Simon Derrick, Chief Currency Strategist at BNY Mellon: Slower China Reserves Growth Seen to Hurt Euro (Bloomberg, 11/29/2012)
          • US Consumers Will Rein in 2013’s Growth, Inflation, and Yields (Moody's Analytics)
          • Fitch Says 2013 Outlook For French Banks is Negative (Reuters)
          • S&P Sees Italy GDP Contracting in 2013, Political Risk on Reform (ReutersFTCNBC)
          • S&P Downgrades Outlook on UK AAA Rating to Negative (FT)
          • Sterling to Tumble If UK Is Downgraded: HSBC (CNBC)
          • Hong Kong at Risk of Property Price Correction, IMF Says (Bloomberg)
          • Australia Lifts 2013 Iron-Ore Price Forecast on China Demand (Bloomberg)

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