Advertise on, and ( still exists for market indicators). Spots on my blogs are only available to serious sponsors who want to support my blog on a long-term basis. I really want to be creative with the ad spots on my blog. For example, a sponsor can put up a huge 970x250 billboard right below my page bar (or even a youtube video, or the generic 728x90 banner), a huge 300x1050 billboard on the sidebar (or 300x600, 300x250), a youtube video anywhere on the sidebar or above/below posts, or even advertise your company as a background image. I seriously am up for anything and want to be creative with this and provide extra value for advertisers. I use a Simple Blogger template and I'm familiar with the html code. I can hide ad banners on post and index pages (to put a banner on the sidebar on index pages and below posts on post pages, for example). Ads will be priced around $10 CPM, and you'll have to take on all of the inventory and go by quantcast/google analytics for traffic analysis. I have around 20,000 pageviews combined right now, and I'm not anticipating a huge rise in traffic. Around 20,000 pageviews seems like the base amount of total traffic (I don't see it going much lower unless I stop blogging). For more info, email me at distressedvolatility (at) I would collect payment via a PayPal ad subscription.