Marc Faber, Nassim Taleb, Hugh Hendry at Russia Forum 2010 (Video Link)

At the 2010 Russian Forum, Marc Faber asked Nassim Taleb (Black Swan), Hugh Hendry and other panelists how they'd put $100 million to work in the next 12 months.

Taleb said to short S&P-to-Gold ratio, use way out-of-the-money options betting on hyperinflation (gold, silver, treasury puts) and short US Treasury Bonds. Hugh Hendry talked about UK interest bets and the next "Paulson" trade which would risk 1.5% for 75%, he claims. Hendry is long US Treasuries (and I believe bullish on US Dollars), taking the other side of Faber and Taleb. Hendry thinks the US interventionists (monetary/fiscal) will fail to spark inflation so he is betting on deflation. You know where Hugh Hendry stands on China. Marc Faber thinks "self sufficiency" will one day be important (living on farmland) and water is a concern. Hendry considers agriculture a risk asset at the moment. This was a very interesting panel, I suggest you watch it. They also chat about Japan, China, geopolitical risks etc. Click here or the pic.

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