Iran Shows Off Shahab-3 Missile at Army Day, Ahmadinejad at Tehran Nuclear Conference and Middle East News Links (4/19/2010)

Here's a geopolitical update from last night. Iran showed off their Shahab-3 Missile during National Army Day and Ahmadinejad Spoke at their own nuclear conference. Iran wasn't invited to the US nuclear conference.  The Shahab-3 variant can travel 1,200 miles and according to an unclassified report from the US Defense Department a missile could hit the US by 2015 (Reuters).  I embedded a Nightly News Report and Russia Today video below and threw up a bunch of Middle East news links. It's a mess.  Hopefully nothing dumb happens in the Middle East because oil and gasoline could spike again for US consumers based solely on risk premium (remember $147 oil?).  I'm still watching the charts of $USO, oil futures, USD/CAD and the Strait of Hormuz [Iran Could Block Oil-Transit Strait of Hormuz, Pentagon Says - SF Gate/Bloomberg].  Also this is interesting.. Iran Adds Four More Supertankers to Crude Oil Storage - BusinessWeek.  Videos below are courtesy of NBC and RussiaToday.

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Look at this mess...  Is it the end of ze world? "US sanctions bill on Iran in 'weeks': top lawmaker - AFP 'Don't even think about it,' Ahmadinejad taunts - Examiner US warns Syria over Hizbollah Scud missile 'deal' - Telegraph US has limited options in stopping Iranian nukes - Associated Press Israelis Debate Striking Iran Without U.S. Consent - Wall Street Journal Egypt seeks U.N. pressure on Israel over nuclear arms - Washington Post Israel stresses Iran threat at nuke summit - State Dept.: U.S. unsure whether Syria sent missiles to Hezbollah - Haaretz        Turkey offers to mediate on Iran's nuclear programme - BBC News Iran aims to cut fuel imports as sanctions loom - Reuters UK Lebanese PM rejects Israel's missile allegations - Hurriyet Daily News US Scud allegations rally Israeli attack - Syria, Hizbullah - Daily Star Iran: Nuclear fuel swap a chance to boost trust - Associated Press Hezbollah's fighters rearm thanks to Tehran: Pentagon - The Age Report: Israel threatens to send Syria back to Stone Age - Ynetnews Israeli president: Iran threatens whole world - Associated Press China says door not shut to negotiations with Iran - Washington Post Iranian missile may be able to hit U.S. by 2015 - Reuters Iran Displays Generations of Modern Home-Made Ballistic Missiles - FARS News Agency Ahmadinejad: Iran's army 'powerful deterrent' - News.Az Iran Gives Weapons, Funds to Help Lebanese Hezbollah Re-Arm - BusinessWeek Why Turkey cannot abstain on Iran’s nuclear violations - Hurriyet Daily News Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mehmanparast Interviewed after conference - Video Iran 'strives' for nuke-free world (interview transcript from above) - Iran PressTV US top military official says strike against Iran would halt nuclear programme - Telegraph US has limited options in stopping Iranian nukes - Associated Press via eTaiwan News U.S. open to Iran nuclear fuel deal despite doubts - Reuters"
If a link doesn't work I might have cut/pasted the link incorrectly. If that's the case search the headline in Google.
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