Video Tours of North Korea and a Google Presentation; Government Prevents Technical Breakouts

VICE founder Shane Smith went on a "highly orchestrated" tour of North Korea and even saw one of their labor camps in Siberia, Russia. I also embedded Google Tech Talk and National Geographic videos on North Korea, which provide more detail on the country. You'll learn more about the regime's prison camps and nuclear program, as well as hear a defector's story. But, since this is a financial blog, Siegfried Hecker, of Stanford's Center for International Security and Cooperation, briefly talked about North Korea's private market activity during his Google presentation. But, unfortunately, the government prevents technical breakouts.

"There are signs of market activity all over North Korea. And the markets have gone up and down over the years because as soon as they become successful, then the government becomes scared and tries to shut them down. Soon as it shuts them down, the people try to figure out, you know, where they can actually get something so they build them back up. And so it sort of oscillates over time. What the Chinese would really like to do, they say look what we did thirty years ago and sort of let the strings out on the free market. But the North Korean regime is much too scared of that, so it is very careful." (see last video)

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National Geographic: Inside North Korea

What I Saw in North Korea and Why it Matters: Presented by Siegfried S. Hecker, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University. Interesting presentation and Q&A session. He covers many topics.

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