Links: Greece, Euro, European Banks (5/9/2012)

Athens (source: DoctorWho - Flickr)
EFSF Confirms Release of 5.2 Billion Euros for Greece - (Bloomberg); EFSF bailout fund approves Greek emergency payment (Reuters); Europe Delays Bailout Payment For Greece (WSJ).

Euro Global Poll Shows More Than 50% Predicting an Exit (Bloomberg)

"Elena Panaritis, a former Greek member of parliament for the socialist Pasok party, talks about the outlook for the nation's debt crisis and possible exit from the euro zone." (Bloomberg Video)

FX Concepts' John Taylor thinks Greece could leave the euro zone this summer. Says money runs out in June (Bloomberg Video)

Roubini: "Greece is going to be the first country that's going to restructure and exit." "By the end of the year Spain is going to lose market access." (CNBC)

Euro Will Have to Be Devalued to Save EU: Prof. Jeremy Siegel (CNBC)

In One Paragraph, Art Cashin Explains How Greece Ends Up Back On The Drachma (Business Insider)

Greek left attacks ‘barbarous’ austerity (FT)

Greece Euro-Exit Debate Goes Public - (Bloomberg)

Moody’s Bank Downgrades Risk Choking European Recovery (Bloomberg)

Beyond Greece: EU Banks May Be Next Focus of Markets (CNBC)

*CIC Stops Buying Europe Government Debt on Crisis Concern (Bloomberg)
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