Dr. Michael Burry's Speech at UCLA Economics 2012 Commencement

Former hedge fund manager Dr. Michael Burry ("The Big Short"), who was the first hedge fund manager to short subprime mortgage-backed securities via credit default swaps from his home office in California in 2005-6, courtesy of the TBTF banks that made it all possible!, gave a speech at the UCLA Economics 2012 commencement on June 18. Unfortunately, Burry thinks the U.S. has unfinished business to attend to.

"You started your term at UCLA in the midst of a global financial panic. The consequences of which are far from settled."

"As a result of what happened while you were growing up, you now face a future that will feature either another great recession during your 20s, or during your 40s, a U.S. debt/GDP ratio exceeding 200%. And that's not me, that's the Congressional Budget Office. Me, I think they are ignoring reflexivity, and I think you face both."

Nice, he dropped some reflexivity on them. I wonder how he's positioning for the next great recession. In September 2010, Burry thought gold, farmland with water on site, special situations in distressed real estate, and small tech in Asia were attractive investments.

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Hat tip Zero Hedge
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