FED WATCH: Next Meeting is on June 19-20 (Links)

*Two Fed officials cool to more easing (Reuters)
*Fed Considers More Action Amid New Recovery Doubts (WSJ)
*Evans Sees Need for 'Extremely Strong' Accommodation by Fed (Bloomberg)
*Fed's Bullard: Weak May Jobs Report Doesn't 'Substantially Alter' Outlook (Dow Jones)
*Fed's Fisher questions need for more policy action (Reuters)
*Fed(wire) to the rescue (FT Alphaville)

Other news:
*The TIPS curve has become inverted (Sober Look)
*ECB to keep pressure on governments, could signal rate cut (Reuters/CNBC.com)
*Fed's Rosengren: "Further Monetary Policy Accommodation is Appropriate and Necessary" (DistressedVolatility, 5/31/2012)
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