Videos of Google's Project Glass, Sergey Brin Demoing Google Glass Prototype

via Gavin Newsom Show Video (below)
I came across a Forbes article today on Google's Project Glass today (5 Ways Project Glass Could Revolutionize Google TV) and wanted to check it out further. I found interesting videos on the new tech around the web. I first embedded Google's intro video of Project Glass on Youtube, and then found a video of Google co-founder Sergey Brin demoing a Google Glass prototype on The Gavin Newsom Show. Brin took pictures from his glasses during the interview. WOW, this is really interesting technology. Brin said he hopes to get the glasses out sometime next year, but it's still just a hope. Next up, hologram tech and communication, graphene tech, teleportation, household robots, and quantum dot solar paint, and the market will rally 5 fold in 5 years (imho).

Source: Gavin Newsom Show
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