Boaz Almog Demonstrates Quantum Levitation, Quantum Locking With Superconductors (Future of Transportation!)

via Boaz Almog's TED slides below
Quantum levitation and quantum locking is the future of transportation on rails! Watch Boaz Almog's TED talk below (hat tip @Scrataliano).
"But what is the future of quantum levitation and quantum locking? Well, let me answer this simple question by giving you an example. Imagine you would have a disk similar to the one I have here in my hand, three-inch diameter, with a single difference. The superconducting layer, instead of being half a micron thin, being two millimeters thin, quite thin. This two-millimeter-thin superconducting layer could hold 1,000 kilograms, a small car, in my hand. Amazing. Thank you." - Boaz Almog ( transcript)

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