EUR/USD Testing Ceiling Resistance In Symmetrical Triangle In Overall Descending Channel (Chart)

Here's a quick technical update on EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar). As you can see on the chart below, EUR/USD has been trading in a descending channel since August 2011. More recently, EUR/USD broke through the January 13 support level of 1.26244 on May 23, bottomed out at 1.22822 on June 1, and is now trading at 1.25879. EUR/USD pierced through the new ceiling resistance level (1.26244) a few times in June, but there was no confirmed breakout.

It is finally time for EUR/USD to make a decision as it nears the apex point in a near-term symmetrical triangle (higher lows and lower highs will force a decision soon). If EUR/USD can confirm a breakout above 1.26244 (part 1 after Euro summit), I think it could rally to the overall downtrend line from August 2011 (1.29s it looks like, but it hits 1.28 towards the end of July). However, the overall trend for EUR/USD is still down. But if it can break through that downtrend line from 2011 and 1.30 ceiling resistance level, I think that would catalyze a strong move to the upside. It would break the descending channel. I'll do a new post on this when (or if) EUR/USD tests those levels in the future. The currency pair is currently reacting to the euro zone sovereign debt and banking crisis, Greece potentially leaving the euro zone, Spanish bank risk, Germany's involvement with the bailouts (watch German bunds), the *European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, U.S. fiscal cliff risk, U.S recession risk, and a possible hard landing in China. *According to Bloomberg, economists expect the ECB to cut its benchmark rate by 25 basis points to 0.75% on Thursday.

"Economists expect the ECB to lower its benchmark interest rate by at least 25 basis points to a record low of 0.75 percent, according to the median of 57 estimates in a Bloomberg survey, as a worsening economic outlook dampens price pressures."


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