Buffett: Muni Bankruptcies Could Increase, San Bernardino's Mayor on Its Bankruptcy (Videos)

Berkshire's Warren Buffett, who actively insured municipalities before the financial system and economy collapsed in 2008 (Buffett's Letter on Muni Insurance; Berkshire Insured Detroit Revenue Bonds After FGIC), told Bloomberg TV that muni bankruptcies could increase if it becomes "fashionable and tolerable" to follow large cities like San Bernardino into bankruptcy court to renegotiate expensive city contracts and debts (Bloomberg Video). I found the muni portion of the interview on YouTube and embedded it below. Also watch San Bernardino's Mayor explain why the city filed for bankruptcy in an interview.

San Bernardino, California finally filed for bankruptcy last week: 1) San Bernardino, California, Files Chapter 9 Bankruptcy (Bloomberg), 2) San Bernardino, Calif., files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts, $195 million unfunded pension liabilities (Reuters). Stockton, California filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in late June.

The city was misreporting its general fund balance, had unsustainable costs, and tax revenues crashed after the credit and housing bubbles burst in California. Here are charts and tables from San Bernardino's recent budget stabilization report.

(Click for larger view)

Here's a street interview I found with San Bernardino's Mayor on July 11 talking about the city's bankruptcy, and why labor contracts need to be renegotiated in bankruptcy court to better align costs with the city's tax base (July 11).

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Aside from declining tax revenues, unfunded (or underfunded) pension and health care liabilities are the major financial risks at the moment for States and munis: The Widening Gap Update: States are $1.38 Trillion Short in Funding Retirement Systems (Pew).

"The gap between the promises states have made for public employees’ retirement benefits and the money they have set aside to pay these bills was at least $1.38 trillion in fiscal year 2010, according to Pew's latest comprehensive analysis on pension and retiree health care funding."

What inning are we in???
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