The Global Economic Slowdown Continues; U.S. in Eye of Storm?

Sovereign debt yielding close to zero percent or even negative has already been pricing this in. And as you can see, the U.S. is off the list, for now. Is the U.S. in the eye of the storm? Or is it a new synthetic emerging market?

Deflated  (Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr)

China bubble in 'danger zone' warns Bank of Japan (Telegraph)
Chinese manufacturing slumps to 9-month low (CNN Money)
China’s Slowdown May Be Worse Than Official Data Suggest (Dallas Fed)
UPDATE: China announces £800bn stimulus to boost confidence (Telegraph)
Limping German firms push economy closer to contraction (Reuters)
Euro zone headed for recession, China, U.S. struggle (Reuters)
Spain Has Serious Economic Issues, Deleveraging and Austerity (Trends, $EWP) (Distressed Volatility)
Italy's GDP Falls 2.5% Y/Y; 10-year Italian, German Yields and Spreads (Trends, $EWI) (Distressed Volatility)
Bundesbank chief says ECB bond buying "like a drug" (CNBC)
UK economy: double-dip recession not as deep as feared (Telegraph)
Dutch housing facing Spain-like slump, says builder BAM (Reuters)
South Korea Key credit delinquency index surges 24 pct over past year (Yonhap News)
Japan Swings to Trade Deficit as Europe Drags Down Exports (Businessweek)
Japanese Economy Signaling a Slowdown (GDP slows to 1.4%) (NYT)

*In other news, North Korea's mineral resources are potentially worth $9.7 trillion: report (Yonhap News).
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