Illinois Still Has a Higher Default Probability Than Spain, Argentina is Third on List (8/29/2012)

Distressed Volatility is back using the retro blogspot url, for now. My domain was somehow lost, jacked, and parked at GoDaddy even after I paid to renew it on Google Apps two months ago. Hopefully it will be back up soon. Below are links to interesting financial articles and a snapshot of CMA's "highest default probabilities" list (based on sovereign credit default swaps), which showed Illinois one-upping Spain. This happened on May 11 as well. Will Spain's default probability % ever pass Illinois? It is interesting that Argentina is third on the default probability list. The country is dealing with high inflation and energy issues related to the government's economic policies.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will probably move the markets on Friday when he gives his Jackson Hole speech. U.S. index futures are down 0.30%, Japan's NIKKEI index is down 1.08%, and the Shanghai Composite is down 0.34%.

Source: CMA (CPD = Cumulative Probability of Default)

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