Chart: Newspaper Advertising Revenue Reverts Back to 1950 Levels

The chart below courtesy of Statista, the Newspaper Association of America, and the Carpe Diem blog, shows how newspaper advertising revenue (and print and online advertising revenue), adjusted for inflation, crashed back to a level not seen since 1950 in just a decade. Filling the gap. And it is because of blogging software. Henry Blodget at Business Insider wrote, "journalism professor Jay Rosen of NYU observes that the peak year was the one in which blogging software first appeared."

Here is more from Statista with data from Carpe Diem (Prof. Mark Perry's blog).

"Looking at annual numbers, the outlook is even more dramatic: if nothing extraordinary happens in the last few months of this year, 2012 will be the worst year for American newspapers since 1950. Professor Mark J. Perry of the University of Michigan estimates print advertising revenues of $19 billion this year. Taking inflation into account that is a 71 percent decline from the peak in 2000 and below the level of 1950."

Chart source: Statista
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