Hussman: "Valuations Remain Rich, Investor Sentiment Overcrowded"

Here's a market update from John Hussman, founder of Hussman Funds. In his weekly market comment titled "Leap of Faith," he believes that the market is overvalued and "overcrowded." He's been on that side of the trade for a while now (hedged), and he's sticking with it. He even quoted Zero Hedge in his post, which is interesting.

via: HussmanFunds
"In the context of historical evidence and outcomes, present market conditions give us no choice but to remain highly defensive. Valuations remain rich on the basis of normalized earnings (which are better correlated with subsequent returns than numerous popular alternatives based on forward operating earnings, the Fed Model and the like). Investor sentiment is overcrowded on the bullish side even as corporate insiders are liquidating at a rate of eight shares sold for every share purchased – a surge that Investors Intelligence describes as a “panic.” Market conditions remain steeply overbought on an intermediate and long-term basis, with the S&P 500 still near its upper Bollinger bands (two standard deviations above the 20-period moving average) on weekly and monthly resolutions. We continue to observe wide divergences in market action, from century-old criteria such as the weakness in transports versus industrials (which suggests an unwanted buildup of inventories) to more subtle divergences and signs of exhaustion in market internals."

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I thought that John Hussman's views on profit margins on July 30 were also interesting.
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