Links to Market Research, Videos (9/20-9/23/2012)

  • JP Morgan's Tom Lee Makes A Monster Case For A Market 'Melt-Up' Between Now And The Election (Business Insider)
  • Deutsche Bank: Western Economies Are Screwed, And Investors Face A 'Disturbing Paradox' (Business Insider)
  • Gary Shilling: Here's Why There's No Housing Recovery And Prices Will Collapse Another 20% (Business Insider)
  • Why Jim Chanos Is Still Short China's H-Shares (CNBC Video)
  • *Chris Whalen: QE3, Deflation and the Money Illusion (Zero Hedge, 9/18)
  • *The Fed Has Another $3.9 Trillion In QE To Go (At Least) (Zero Hedge, 9/23)

*added on 9/23/2012
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