Bearish Linkfest (10/3/2012)

Source: US Naval Research
Dylan Grice Writes His Most Negative Note Ever: 'I Am More Worried Than I Have Ever Been' (Business Insider)

The One Chart No Equity Portfolio Manager Wants To See (Zero Hedge)

ROSENBERG: There's Another Bubble Keeping Buyers Out Of The US Housing Market (Business Insider)

Gap between college tuition and consumer income is at record levels (Sober Look)

California Has A PMI Report And It Just Took A Horrifying Nose Dive (Testosterone Pit at Business Insider)

This Market Is Looking Like 2006-2008—Here's How To Know When To Get Out - Jefferies (Business Insider)

US Is Debt Addict on 'Budgetary Crystal Meth': Bill Gross (CNBC NetNet)

US Debt Soars To $16,159,487,013,300.35, +$93 Billion; Or How To Kick Off Fiscal 2013 With A Bang (Zero Hedge)

Forget All The Housing Comeback Talk: Here's Why The Market Is Still A Disaster (Business Insider)

A Few Cracks in the Fundamentals… (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Agency MBS market will be shrinking rapidly (Sober Look)

Spanish Banks Need More Capital Than Tests Find, Moody’s Says (Bloomberg)

15,000 turn up for 150 jobs at Madrid's John Deere factory (Telegraph)

Spain's tax take tumbles as companies go abroad (Reuters)

France facing double-dip recession (Sober Look)

Hedge Fund Titan Einhorn Gives Stock Ideas: Cigna, GM, Chipotle, Green Mountain (Live Blog) ( -at the 2012 Value Investing Congress

JPMorgan Rivals Face Billions in Damages After MBS Case (Bloomberg)

BofA: There's Another Imminent 'Cliff' You Should Know About, And It's $1.6 Trillion Tall (Business Insider, 9/25/2012)

Ex-SAC Capital Manager Tells FBI Fund Used Insider Data (Bloomberg)
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