The Most Important Links For 10/7/2012

I'm in the middle of doing an important post. So in the meantime, here are a few interesting articles to read (h/t G+ and Twitter streams). By the way the Market Center is up and running with a real-time ETF and currency quote widget, and a live stream of Bloomberg TV.

Investors Jump Off the 'Junk' Pile (Wall Street Journal)
Could interest rates fall below zero? Don’t bet against it (Globe and Mail)
California gas prices hit all-time high as average soars to $4.61 a gallon (Fox News, AP)
Could the cross-border tomato feud cost you more? (Houston Chronicle)
Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Rises; 7 Dead, 64 Sick (ABC News)
US Foodstamp Usage Rises To New Record High (Zero Hedge)
Turkey warns Syria future attacks 'will be silenced' (CNN)
Israeli air force shoots down drone aircraft (Reuters)
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