The Most Important Links For Nov 30, 2012

Source: NY Fed
Decrease in Overall Debt Balance Continues Despite Rise in Non-Real Estate Debt - "The increase was due to a boost in student loans ($42 billion), auto loans ($18 billion) and credit card balances ($2 billion)" (New York Federal Reserve, see chart)

Italy Unemployment Rose to Highest in 13 Years in October (Bloomberg)

Will Italy Need a Bailout in 2013? (Citigroup thinks so) (CNBC)

Hedge Funds May Hold Back Greek Bond Plan, Nomura Says (Bloomberg)

Spain’s Chances of Recovery Soon ‘Remote:’ OECD (CNBC)

Goldman: No recovery for Spain until 2015 (Sober Look)

Moody's Axes EFSF And ESM, Blames France (Forbes)

Gundlach sees 'kaboom' ahead, touts hard assets (Investment News)

Norway Wealth Fund to Invest $11 Billion in U.S. Property (Bloomberg)

The other “fiscal cliff”: Unfunded liabilities of state & local governments (Reuters MuniLand)

Report: Insolvency looms for NY school districts (CBS Money Watch)

Detroit Gets Downgraded By Moody's, Sees Risk of Bankruptcy Over Next 12-24 Months (Moody's Press Release)

Tokyo faces weak yen and high bond yields (Financial Times)

Is The Sun Also Rising For Japanese Stocks? (Thomson Reuters Alpha Now)

Surge of Baby Boomer Saving Will Transform Capital Markets (Institutional Investor)

SAC Fund Manager Faces Choice of Trial or Deal (Bloomberg)

SEC Fires a Warning Shot at SAC (WSJ)

MF Global customers to seek subpoenas for Corzine, others (Reuters)

How Wall Street Rigs the Game by Greg Smith (Time, from 10/22/2012)

Bullish news on coffee: The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like (The Atlantic)
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