Learn Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, More Layoffs Coming At Banks

Spain Now in Recession (-0.3% Q1 GDP), S&P Downgrades Spanish Banks

Prof. Bill Black: Our System is So Flawed That Fraud is Mathematically Guaranteed! (Part 1)

Video: President Obama at the 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Spain's Unemployment Rate Hits 24.44%, Youth Unemployment At 52%, Not Good (Q1, 2012)

Video Tours of North Korea and a Google Presentation; Government Prevents Technical Breakouts

S&P Downgraded Spain to 'BBB+' From 'A' On Risk Net Government Debt Could Rise Further

Fitch's Quarterly Report on U.S. High Yield Bonds, Leveraged Loans and CLOs (BofA Merrill 'CCC' Yield Chart)

Fitch's European High Yield Chart Book For April 2012

FOMC Statement, Fed's Economic Projections and Bernanke's Press Conference Video (4/25/2012)

Jim Rogers Says U.S. Due For Recession, Happens Every 4-6 Years; Gold Could Move Lower (Video)

Money, Power and Wall Street (FRONTLINE)

Spanish Bank and Sovereign Debt Risk Monitor (Maturity Schedule, Yields, CDS)

North Korea Threatens to Attack South Korea

The Biggest Bubble of All: This One Has Yet to Deflate (Are You Ready?) - Elliott Wave International

Greek Town Develops Bartering System Without The Euro!

Links For April 18, 2012

Best Buy is Closing 50 Big Box Stores In 2012, Here is Their Store Strategy (BBY)

Janet Tavakoli on Bank "Control Fraud", Credit Default Swaps, MF Global's Total Return Swap-to-Maturity Trade (and Missing Money)

Understanding the Risk of Synthetic CDOs (By Federal Reserve Economist in 2004, Where Was Greenspan?)

Duolingo Lets You Learn a Language For Free Online

Gary Shilling: S&P 500 Falls 43% to 800 (SPX 6-year Weekly Chart)

Gary Shilling Predicts Huge Drop In S&P Earnings, Lower House Prices and Treasury Yields (Deflation)

German Bund Yields Make New Lows, Spanish Bond Yields Spike, CDS at New Record High

Technicals: SPY Broke Uptrend Line, 2011 Support, and 50DMA

Winning or Losing Equals Winning With Empty Creditors

Basis Trader Says Credit Default Swaps Are Fatally Flawed, Replace With Bond Futures

Links: Defusing Structured Credit Bombs and Distorting Credit Default Swap Indexes (CDX)

VIX Option Traders Are Selling Puts, VIX Cash Around 2-year Low (16.44)

Icahn to CVR Energy's Board: "Admit Defeat!", The Icahn Lift" on 60 Minutes, and Icahn's Guest Lecture at Yale

Bank CDS Indexes Added To S&P/ISDA CDS Sector Indices, Are CDS Index Futures Coming Soon?

Update on Terrafugia's Flying Car (Video)

Marc Faber: Massive Wealth Destruction Coming Down The Line (CNBC Video)

Home Price Index Makes New Low in January, Annual Decline Possibly Leveling Off (ITB)

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