"Risk Off" Risk (Links for 1/17/2013)

Market & Macro News

  • Risk On? Not So Fast Warns BofA (Street Insider)
  • Citi: This Rally Is Just Like The Ones That Came Right Before The 2000 And 2007 Highs (Business Insider)
  • Goldman: Gold Is Going To $1200 (Business Insider)
  • 2007 Deja Vu As Goldman Sees $150 Oil By The Summer (Zero Hedge)
  • The Debt Ceiling Is No Longer The Biggest Threat To The US Economy (Business Insider)
  • Goldman: Hide Your Kids, The Sequester Is Coming (Automatic Spending Cuts on March 1, 2013) - (Business Insider)
  • Ryan: House GOP discussing short-term hike to debt ceiling (The Hill)
  • Fitch threatens downgrade over debt ceiling (Politico)
  • Shiller: US Housing Market Could Mirror Japan (CNBC)
  • Mortgage rates fall toward record lows again (USA Today)
  • Jobless Claims At Five-Year Low; Home Building Hit Five-Year High In 2012 (NPR)
  • Florida Defies Housing Rebound as Foreclosures Soar (Bloomberg News)
  • S&P 500 Advances to Five-Year High on Economic Reports (Bloomberg News)
  • Philly Fed Manufacturing Survey Shows Contraction in January (Calculated Risk)
  • BHP against the iron ore price (FT Alphaville)
  • Default Alarm Rings as Trust Loans Jump Sevenfold: China Credit (Bloomberg News)
  • BOJ may scrap 0.1 pct rate floor, pledge open-ended asset buying -sources (Reuters)
  • Ready-Made U.S. Structured Notes Cut Costs, Shrink Deal Sizes (Bloomberg News) h/t
  • Deutsche Bank Derivative Helped Monte Paschi Mask Losses (Bloomberg News)
  • GE: Still a Bank (WSJ)
  • EU launches search for most dangerous financial product (Reuters)  h/t
  • Kidnap insurers eye sales as euro crisis bites (Reuters)  h/t
  • Dallas Federal Reserve Pres. Speaks on Institutions 'Too Big to Fail' (C-SPAN)

Tech News

  • Dell buyout could mean more debt, junk rating (Reuters)
  • Silver Lake Is Said to Be Near Financing on Dell LBO (Bloomberg News)
  • Google considers laser projected virtual controls for Project Glass, because it’s not sci-fi enough already (Digital Trends)
  • Mobile Ad Revenues Will Top $11.4 Billion In 2013, Up 19% On 2012. India, China And Display Fuelling The Boost (Tech Crunch)
  • Bing Adds 5X More Facebook Content To Social Sidebar (Search Engine Land)

Entertainment News

  • Man reportedly outsources his own job to China, watches cat videos (LA Times)
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