Financial Links For 2/3/2013 - Skyfall

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*Nomura's Richard Koo Says Private-Sector Deleveraging is Not Over in the US (Business Insider) (h/t)
*America's Baby Bust (WSJ) (h/t)
*NAAIM Survey of Manager Sentiment shows that managers are leveraged long the market ( (h/t 1, 2)
*NAAIM Number 104.25, Last Quarter Average 70.53
*How Markets Could Shift to ‘Risk Off’ (Gary Shilling at
*S&P 500 vs. Consumer Confidence (Sober Look)
*CNN Money's Fear & Greed Index Showing Signs of Extreme Greed (Pragmatic Capitalism)
*Byron Wien: Major S&P Sell-Off Coming As Earnings Peak, Fiscal Tightening Gets Realized (DistressedVolatility)
*Construction jobs are difficult to fill (CNN Money)
*House price rebound cruising for a fall (Financial Times)
*Manufacturing jobs dry up (CNN Money)
*U.S. Real GDP Contracts 0.1% In Q4; Business Inventories, Defense Spending Decline (DistressedVolatility)
*Gasoline at Highest Price Ever for This Time of Year (CNBC)
*Moody's Downgraded Record $311B of Public Finance Debt in 2012 (Bond Buyer)
*Will Illinois' Unfunded Pension Liability End Up Repricing Its Debt? (DistressedVolatility)
*Bottom Falls Out of Debt-Ridden City (WSJ) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
*Creditor trustee in Alabama bankruptcy says no Feb 1 payment (Reuters) Jefferson County, AL
*S&P says Kentucky outlook negative, cites pension funding (Reuters) (h/t)
*‘India’s savings rate to plunge to 10-year low this fiscal’ (Hindu Business Line) (h/t)
*U.S., Mexico reach tomato deal to avert trade war (Reuters)
*Consumer debt fears hit Canadian banks (FT)
*Why Moody's, Fitch are worried about Canada's housing market, consumer debt (The Globe and Mail)
*Household debt climbed again in December: BMO says (Toronto Star)
*Satyajit Das: Japan's coming debt crisis as an ageing population eyes retirement (The Independent)
*Japan Pension Fund’s Bonds Too Many If Abe Succeeds, Mitani Says (Bloomberg)
*Korea Becomes the Red Flag for Asia's Currency War (Reuters/CNBC)
*Currency wars: the burger’s verdict (Economist)
*Weak Yen Yet to Reach Corporate Japan's Bottom Line (CNBC)
*Currency wars can be quite effective (Sober Look)
*China approaching the turning point (Economist)
*The People's Republic of Hacking (Foreign Policy)
*New Sinocentrism: The ideology that may be driving China to hack foreign media (Washington Post)
*Exclusive: Eric Schmidt Unloads on China in New Book (WSJ)
*Dell braced for $24bn buyout offer (FT)
*Third Point LLC Sells a Portion of Holdings in Yahoo! (YHOO) (Reuters via Zero Hedge)
*Kyle Bass Chimes in on Herbalife: ‘I Would Never Bet Against Dan Loeb’ (WSJ)


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