⚠The Most Important Links for 2/20/2013 ⚠

Seth Klarman and Howard Marks are making traders nervous about the market: Art Cashin (Value Walk)
Art Cashin: Traders Are Passing Around This Gloomy Quote From Investing God Seth Klarman (Business Insider)
Why a banking insider says “it’s time to be very worried” (Sovereign Man)
Is a Sequestration Disaster Looming? (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Sequestration Could Decimate Consumer, Defense Stocks (Benzinga)
Several on FOMC Said Fed Should Be Ready to Vary QE Pace (Bloomberg)
Stocks fall following Federal Reserve minutes (Christian Science Monitor)
Deutsche Bank's Joe LaVorgna: The Fed Will Probably Start Winding Down QE By June (Business Insider)
Wells Fargo's Adams Sees S&P 500 Falling to 1,390 (Bloomberg Video)
Caterpillar Sales Latest Cratering Confirm Global Growth Slowdown (Zero Hedge)
The Spending Crunch Is Official: "We Are Confident There Is An Issue With The Consumer" (Zero Hedge)
France's fiscal tightening is inhibiting growth (Sober Look)
S&P warns risk of Cyprus default "material and rising" (Reuters)
Martin Wolf: Why the Euro Crisis is not Over (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Diesel Prices Hit a New High (TwitPic)
Americans face more bad news at the gas pump (Sober Look) -2008 redux?
Canadian house prices are still coming down (WSJ Canada Real Time)
China waiting for a crisis: Andy Xie (MarketWatch)
Apple Must Keep Setting Standards or Lose Its Cool, Wozniak Says (Bloomberg News)
5 dangers set to trip a 100-year bear market: Dr. Dooms warn of a 2008 repeat at the very least (MarketWatch)

Bullish notes:

S&P raises outlook on China property (Financial Times)
AIA's Architecture Billings Index vs. S&P 500 (Business Insider)
It Only Takes Two Charts To Explain Why Gold Is Collapsing (Business Insider)
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