Charles Nenner Predicts Dow 5,000 As Cycles Turn Down, Annual Gain Reverts To Mean

Charles Nenner, cycles analyst at the Charles Nenner Research Center, who introduced DV to the sunspot cycle on CNBC in 2010 (which is another reason why he sees the Dow turning down because the sunspot cycle peaks this year), told Bloomberg TV on March 4 that he still sees the Dow falling to 5,000 by 2017-2018 (down 65% from here). He sees the current up-cycle peaking in 2013.

He also made an interesting point that the Dow's average annual percent gain is currently above the long-term average of 7-8%, so the market needs to fall by 40% to revert back to the mean. He also talks about Apple's ($APPL) and Intel's ($INTC) cycles as well.

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