5Y CDS Spreads Tighten on Japanese Electronics Cos as Yen Hits 4-Year Low, Fujitsu To Raise Prices (Chart)

As the yen keeps making new lows (now at four-year lows), Japanese electronics companies have seen their 5-year credit default swap spreads tighten during the last three months, according to CMA. They also said that Fujitsu plans to "raise prices in reaction to the increase in the cost of imports" and that "profit boosts are expected for several of the key Japanese Electronics Companies." I found more information on the planned price hikes at Businessweek:

"The price increases will take effect by July and apply to models released in the summer, Chief Financial Officer Kazuhiko Kato said in an interview at Fujitsu’s Tokyo headquarters. The company may also curb discounts on existing lines, he said.

Fujitsu’s FMV PC’s rely on imported components and software, including chips from Intel Corp. (INTC) (INTC) and the Windows operating system from Microsoft Corp."

I saw this CDS chart in CMA's free Daily Marketflash today. CMA also has free market data available with a login.

Source: CMA, part of S&P Capital IQ

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