The Most Important Macro Links For May 2013 (Canada, Australia, Ira Sohn, Federal Reserve)

Articles/blog posts on the Ira Sohn Conference, Canada's housing market, Australian dollar, commodities, Federal Reserve, Treasuries, U.S. economy, stocks and more.

  • Fed Maps Exit From Stimulus (Jon Hilsenrath at WSJ)
  • Bernanke Sees Important Risks in Wholesale Funding (Bloomberg)
  • Bernanke signals the Fed is uneasy with "reaching for yield" (Sober Look)
  • Central Banks Keep Easing After Cuts Fail to Spur Growth (Bloomberg)
  • Short-term bond funds - the new cash equivalent, maybe... (Sober Look)
  • Druckenmiller: Australian dollar to fall hard, commodity super cycle over (MacroBusiness)
  • Stanley Druckenmiller's Ira Sohn Conference Presentation: Commodities Conundrum, Short Australian Dollar (Market Folly)
  • Is Soros shorting the dollar? (Syndey Morning Herald)
  • Billion dollar bet on RBA rate cut pays off (Syndey Morning Herald)
  • Pressure on Australian dollar as US economy starts to lift (The Age)
  • David Einhorn's Q1 Investor Letter: "Under The Circumstances, It Is Curious That Gold Isn’t Doing Better." (Zero Hedge)
  • Elliott's Singer On Bernanke Destroying "The Value Of Money" And "Uprooting The Basic Stability Of Society" (Zero Hedge)
  • Paul Singer's Sohn Conference Presentation: Macro Overview & History of Markets (Market Folly)
  • 'Bond King' Jeff Gundlach on Treasuries (GuruFocus at NASDAQ)
  • Jeff Gundlach's presentation at the Ira Sohn Conference - "Investment Cubism" (Business Insider)
  • Steve Eisman's Sohn Conference Presentation on Housing Plays: Long US, Short Canada (Market Folly)
  • Home Capital shrugs off shorts amid housing pessimism (BNN TV Canada via @BenRabidoux)
  • Canada's Housing Market: The Next Big Short? (CNBC)
  • Charts: Canada's housing and credit bubble is even worse than the U.S.' in 2005 (Jesse Colombo's Blog via Twitter)
  • Master of doom Marc Faber is feeling gloomy about Canada (Globe and Mail)
  • Meet the man who's selling Canada short (Globe and Mail)
  • Q&A with Vijai Mohan, the man who's shorting Canada's banks (Globe and Mail)
  • Pimco Raises Treasuries Holdings to Highest Level Since 2010 (Bloomberg)
  • Pimco's Gross: 'Gut feeling' that bond bull run is done (Reuters)
  • How Big Money Bets for and against Rates: Part 1 (David Schawel at CFA Institute)
  • TrimTabs' Charles Biderman Bashes Buffett's Biased Bearish Bond Banalities ("stocks are just as vulnerable as bonds to the Fed withdrawing the narcotic known as free money") (video at Zero Hedge)
  • Marking the 4-Year Reflationary Rally: How Much Better Off Are We Really? (Gregor Macdonald at PeakProsperity)
  • David Rosenberg: "When They Say Unemployment Rate, They Mean The S&P 500" (Zero Hedge)
  • David Rosenberg: The Fed Is Trying Like Crazy, But Nothing It's Doing Can Save The Economy - "Bernanke: The Wizard of Potemkin" (Business Insider)
  • Rosenberg: America's Labor Market Mess Spells Trouble For Stocks (follow up at Business Insider)
  • Q&A: David Rosenberg on what investors need to fear most (Globe and Mail)
  • Soros versus Sinn: The German Question (Project Syndicate)
  • Buffett worries about Fed's 'huge experiment' (Fortune)
  • MAULDIN: Bernanke And Friends Are Setting The Stage For An Avalanche (Business Insider)
  • Nouriel Roubini: The Trapdoors at the Fed’s Exit (Project Syndicate)
  • Student debt delays spending, saving - and marriage (CNN Money)

Source: Dvolatility Designs

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