China's Economic Data Misses Estimates, Will the PBOC Increase the Money Supply to Stimulate Growth?

Bloomberg TV's David Ingles broke down China's economic and credit data for May this morning. Here's a quick summary from the video (watch below).

Exports +1.0% (Est. 7.4%)
Imports -0.3% (Est. 6.6%)
Producer prices -2.9% (Est. -2.5%)
Inflation +2.1% (Est. 2.5%)
New loans +¥667B (Est. ¥815B)
Aggregate financing +¥1.19T (Est. ¥1.60T)

(Source:; Related: China Export Growth Plummets Amid Fake-Shipment Crackdown)

And here's an update on China's money supply growth, retail sales, fixed asset investment and industrial output via Reuters:

"M2 money supply rose 15.8 percent from a year earlier, slightly below a median forecast of 15.9 percent, while total social financing, a broad measure of cash in the economy, was 1.19 trillion yuan versus 1.75 trillion yuan in April.

Retail sales, fixed-asset investment and industrial output met expectations, rising 12.9 percent, 20.4 percent and 9.2 percent from a year earlier, respectively."

So will printing money fix China's growth problem, or at least prevent asset price deflation like the Fed did in the US? Here's a historical chart of China's year-over-year money supply growth since 2001.

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