Real House Prices vs. Inverse Dependency Ratios for the UK, Australia, US, Spain, Japan, and Ireland (The Most Important Set of Charts via Citi's Matt King)

At the end of 2012, Matt King, Citi's Global Head of Credit Strategy, released an important set of charts to Business Insider which showed 'real house price indices' versus 'inverse dependency ratios' ("the proportion of population of working age relative to old and young") for the UK, Australia, US, Japan, Spain and Ireland. According to Business Insider, it was "the most depressing slide" he has ever created. It looks like deflationary demographic and housing trends are about to hit the UK and Australia after hitting Japan, the US, Spain and Ireland. One housing bubble and deleveraging cycle after another with dependency ratios (ageing populations) and government debt rising globally ☔.

Source: Citi's Matt King' Presents: 'The Most Depressing Slide I've Ever Created' via Business Insider also wrote about Matt King's chart and put up charts of dependency ratios.
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